Zim Professionals is a leading recruitment solution for global businesses, tapping into the rapidly growing talent pool from Zimbabwe that produces over thirty-three thousand local graduates annually. As a bridge between global businesses and local skilled labour, Zim Professionals is able to put together teams of top talent in a variety of industries.Rest assured we are the best. Here’s why:

  • We are your trusted partner for talent
  • We attract the best talent money buys
  • We help to find the best talent to suit your business needs

At Zim Professionals, our mission is to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between employers and job seekers, fostering growth and success for both parties. We meticulously screen candidates to ensure they possess the requisite skills, experience, and cultural fit for our clients' specific needs. Whether it's executive search, permanent placement, or temporary staffing solutions, our team of experienced recruiters leverages their extensive networks and industry knowledge to deliver unparalleled results. We understand the unique challenges and dynamics of the Australian business landscape and tailor our services accordingly to meet the evolving demands of our clients.

Our Values

Motivated by our core values, we are excited to share our passion with you. We are open and honest, as well as fearless and humble. Our values describe who we are and the promises we make to our customers.


We are passionate and energetic. We work as a team and have a friendly relationship with each other.


We take our commitment to each other seriously. We are honest with each other. We accept accountability for our actions and look out for the needs of others.


We measure ourselves against high standards of performance, honour the values that guide us, and execute with integrity.


As Zim Professionals we believe that each person is unique in their own right and that different people will bring different skills with them to our agency. This adds great value to both us, as an organisation and our clients. We aim to create a more inclusive world in everything we do, one that seeks to find new ways of solving problems, delivering better results and most importantly – adding value to the lives of everyone around us.


For success in global competition, we need to fully utilise our employees' resources – their knowledge and experience.

Meet Our Team


Emmanuel Jani

Founding Director

Munya Kambani

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Thadeus Makukutu

Head of Technology